Bayside HVAC Products has been a manufacturers’ representative in Northern California and Northern Nevada since 1992. We provide engineering support and sales of HVAC Controls.

Bayside has represented control manufacturers for almost 30 years.

MSA Chillgard 5000 Refrigerant Monitor


Our mission is to help engineers and contractors select the best solution for every application.


Daniel Schuster

Dan, our seasoned HVAC controls guru, fearlessly leads the Bayside team. With his many years of experience, he possesses an inexhaustible wealth of knowledge which he is happy to impart on us all. Part designer, part reference, solver of problems and never far from a rod and reel, whether it’s HVAC controls or fishing, he’s got you covered.

Dave Watson

A veteran of the industry, Dave brings his unique analytical mindset, experience and entrepreneurial spirit to Bayside.  Whether barreling down a hill on a mountain bike or working on your projects,  from minutiae to big picture he navigates the twists and turns with expertise and finesse. 

Kristopher Dalton

Kris, the glue that holds the Bayside team together. With his meticulous organization and efficient processes he runs the office and inside sales and ensures they run smoothly…On his off-time he’s passionate about running marathons and hiking the beautiful trails of Marin with his lovely wife, and hopefully one day getting into the Dipsea.

Joe Connors

Joe, our inside sales guy extraordinaire.  With his affable demeanor and love for all things sweet, whether it’s product knowledge or technical troubleshooting this guy knows his stuff.  Amidst the breezy Florida palm trees he’s also been known to do a good spike on the court and serve up the best key lime pie.

Miles Watson

Our newest member of the Bayside Team, service tech “wonder kid” Miles.  Ernest, smart and focused, whether selecting the perfect wave or tinkering with electronics and drones, his intellectual curiosity loves a good technical challenge.  And not only does he keep your systems in tip top shape but as our IT aficionado he does the same for us. 

Amy Glenn

Behind the scenes with her impeccable eye for detail and her unique perspective, Amy keeps the Bayside team in line, the business afloat, and the bills paid.  Usually found with her rescue boxer Ava by her side, her family not far behind and her passion for vintage markets and pickleball. 

Ava (Gardner) 

Chief mischief officer and head of security, Ava is affectionately known as “Alaska 1”.   With her inexhaustible energy,  joyful barks and slobbery kisses she keeps the office lively and the Bayside team on their toes.


The Bayside Service Team covers the Bay Area, Northern California, and Northern Nevada. Our technicians are experienced, personable, and put safety first.


“For almost 30 years we’ve been dedicated to timely field service and calibration to support end users. That’s why our repeat business is among the highest in the industry.”